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Leading Brazilian Importer of Branded Electric Appliances, Broad Product Mix and Over 4,000 Wholesale Customers

May 23, 2016

A well-respected and recognized brand in Brazil, the Company imports, brands and re-sells electric household and personal appliances. Product lines include sandwich makers, electric kettles, irons, electric barbecue grills, electric cook pots, sewing machines, hair clippers, electronic scales, meat grinders and beer refrigerators. The Company selects products and imports them already bearing the Company’s name-brand. Customers are electrical appliance chains, supermarkets, domestic utilities ecommerce, catalogue companies, distributors and home goods centers. The Company is also preparing to sell directly to final consumers via an online marketplace.

Sales for 2016 are expected to total BRL 12.5 million with over BRL 1.6 million in adjusted EBITDA.

There is a potentially lucrative opportunity to export to other Latin American and Caribbean countries. Plans are underway to open a Brazil-based factory, which will manufacture certain high-demand items such as table fans, which is expected to be operational in late 2017. In-house manufacturing of these popular products will have a favorable impact on margins.

Location: Brazil

Est. FY 2016 Revenue: BRL 12.5 million

Est. FY 2016 Adj. EBITDA: BRL 1.6 million