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Exclusive distributor of nutritional products to 1,600 facilities

July 14, 2016

The Company is the exclusive distributor of one of the world’s largest brands of specialty nutritional products and infant formulas to public health entities and hospitals in one of Brazil’s states. The Company has a diversified portfolio of nearly 1,600 active customers, with the largest representing only 5% of sales. There is a significant growth opportunity to expand to new markets.

The Company projects annual sales in 2016 to total approximately BRL 36.5 million with approximately BRL 6.9 million in adjusted EBITDA. Despite a 3% decline in sales in 2015, the Company’s gross profit has been enjoying steady growth due to price increases, better procurement terms and an improved sales mix.

The Company’s products meet the nutritional requirements of patients with specific health concerns. For most products, there are versions for both oral consumption and tube feeding. The Company is responsible for approximately 70% of all sales to the private market and 35% of sales to government entities in its area, and is present in 90% of the hospitals. The Company is poised to enter new geographic markets. In the near-term, management believes the existing staff—with the addition of several additional sales professionals—could be leveraged to expand nationally.

Location: Brazil

Est. FY 2016 Revenue: BRL 36.5 million (USD 10.4 million)

Est. FY 2016 Adj. EBITDA: BRL 6.9 million (USD 1.9 million)